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Congress should end the Platonic Guardian-like Federal Reserve, an independent executive agency governed by a seven-member Board of Governors appointed by the President to serve 14-year terms.

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Why Frank and Not Bing?


This is Frank Sinatra’s centennial year — the Sirius radio station bearing his name tells us every three minutes. Earlier this year HBO aired a six-hour documentary chronicling his career from the earliest days to his late triumphs.

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  Butt-dials are a threat to every cellphone user, but thanks to a ruling by a Kentucky court this week, the risks associated with the accidental act has skyrocketed.

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An Initiative Worth Supporting


I have written before of some of my Palestinian American heroes, including men like Ibrahim Abu-Lughod and Zahi Khouri. I want to add to that list, my friend, Sam Bahour.

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Filed under: Tenis Después de ir de lujo para la Sesión Conjunta de la noche del jueves al Congreso, vestida con una creación de María Pinto, la primera dama, Michelle Obama, vistió este viernes por la tarde muy deportiva en el marco del US Open 2011 (Abierto de EE.UU). En apoyo de su campaña “Vamos a movernos” (‘Let’s Move!’) a favor del deporte infantil la esposa del presidente Barack Obama demostró que además de inteligente es una mujer deportista que gusta mucho del tenis.

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