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Leaders of Resident Security Department of Nanjing Social Security Center Checked up the Land Acquisition Security Work in Lishui

On May 16, the delegation led by Ligeng, Head of  Resident Security Department of Nanjing Social Security Center came to our  district to check up the land acquisition business handling work. It mainly included the content such as the implementation conditions of the relevant land acquisition policies since 2017, the business operation conditions of Golden Social Security Phase II land acquisition security management system and the relevant business archives since 2017. 

At the forum, the working personnel of Resident Pension Division of District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security reported the business handling conditions from the aspects such as insurance participation and treatment of the landless personnel, projects of entering the insurance by land acquisition, treatment, insurance cancellation and transfer and payment by month in our district since 2017, and also reported the information management and archives management conditions and sorted out the current problems at the same time. Leaders of Municipal Resident Security Department listened to the reported carefully, analyzed and answered the problems one by one and provide the feasible suggestions and schemes. Later, the working personnel checked up the relevant business archives of the landless personnel in our district. Head Li Geng highly affirmed the land acquisition security business work of our district and also put forward the new requirements for the urban resident security and poverty alleviation work at the same time. Director of Social Security Center of our District, Zhuang Yi, accompanied them. 


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