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Lishui District Welcomes the Provincial-Level Supervision of Jiangsu Provincial Language Work

From May 15 to May 16, 2019, Lishui District represented Nanjing City to accept the provincial-level supervision of Jiangsu Provincial Language Work. Supervision Team was composed of the provincial superintendent, former Secretary of the Party Committee of Suzhou Vocational Univesity, Bao Yinchu, Deputy Director of Office of Gangzha District Bureau of Education of Nantong City, Zhou Ping, Associate Researcher of Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Li Suqin, Assiatant Dean of Nanjing Arts Institute Movie & Television College, Dong Bei, and cadre of Language and Continuing Education Division of Jiangsu Education Department, Li Qiannan, and Bao Yinchu served as the team leader.


On the afternoon of May 15, Jiangsu Provincial  Special Supervision Team of Language Work held a work report meeting first,  and Team Leader Bao Yinchu presided over the meeting and introduced the  background, content and requirements of this supervision and evaluation.  Deputy District Head of Lishui District Government, Yu Yang, reported the  language work conditions in Lishui District, and Member of Nanjing Municipal  Government Education Supervision Committeeand Deputy Director of Municipal  Bureau of Education, Huang Hui, attended the report meeting and instroduced  the language work conditions around the city. The relevant responsible comrades of Nanjing Municipal Language CommitteeOffice and Lishui District Language Committeemembership units as well as liaisons of Qinhuai District, Jianye District and Yuhuatai District Language CommitteeOffices attended the report meeting. Later, the Supervision Team referred to the documents, data, pictures and accounts in the aspects such the language working system construction, condition guarantee, publicity and education and development level of Lishui District in details and inquired the relevant questions. 


On the morning of May 16, the Supervision Team  randomly selected the units to be investigated and divided them into the urban  group and township group for on-site inspection. Lishui District Radio an TV Station, Authority of Education Bureau, Experimental Primary School, Experimental Kindergarten, Jingqiao Town and Shiqiu Sub-district accepted the on-site inspection by the Supervision Team. In all the places the Supervision Team arrived at, it randomly interviewed the relevant personnel, randomly attended classes at school, randomly checked the self-run programs and publications of the news organizations and randomly checked the websites of the government and the departments, held 2 forums and organized 4 questionnaires.


Director General of District Bureau of Education, Ma Libing, and Government Education Supervisor, Zhang Fangjian, accompanied them in the whole course of supervision. 


Finally, the Supervision Team held a feedback meeting in Shiqiu Sub-district, and Team Leader Bao Yinchu notified the conditions of this provincial-level supervision and evaluation and highly affirmed the achievements made by Lishui District in the language work: first, perfect institutions, clear responsibilities and innovative thought to manifest the characteristics; Second, wide publicity and strong atmosphere to significantly enhance the awareness of using mandarin; Third, linkage and cohesion and specific measures to highlight the high efficiency in the key fields. Deputy District Head of Lishui District, Yu Yang, made a position speech that they would take the provincial-level supervision as an opportunity to insist on the problem orientation, focus on the practical results and pay attention to the facts and details perseveringly to constantly promote the language career development level. Deputy Director of Nanjing Municipal Language Work Committee and Deputy Director General of Municipal Bureau of Education, Zhou Peng, attended the feedback meeting and made a speech, and the relevant responsible comrades of Lishui District Language Committee, District Bureau of Education and Shiqiu Sub-district attended the feedback meeting. 

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