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The Hip Hop International Will Launch in Lishui District on June 20

After the street dance project entered the Youth Olympic Games, the 2019 WDSF Hip Hop International and the 2019 CDSF   Street Dance World Cup will be held in the Sports Park Stadium in this district from June 20 to 23. This is a top IP event of Street Dance and a Street Dance International Class A event organized by the Chinese Dance Sport Federation.

According to reports, the 2019 WDSF Hip Hop International and the 2019 CDSF Street Dance World Cup include men's/women's Breaking, Locking, Popping, Xiaoqi Dance, etc. with big bonuses. At present, more than 500 top street dancers from more than 65 countries and regions have already signed up for the competition. The organizing committee will also invite the outstanding dancers from the world's major champions to compete on the stage. 12 top dancers such as Bojin, Renegade, Ken Swift, Danny, Katsu One, etc. will serve as Breaking referees for the 2019 WDSF Hip Hop International. And well-known domestic dancers such as Liangliang, Feng Zheng, Xiao Jie, Shitou, etc. will also gather at the scene to serve as referees for the 2019   CDSF Street Dance World Cup and present a wonderful referee show.


In terms of the event atmosphere, the organizing committee invited Liao Bo, Super DD, Lil $EAN as MCs, and Alone, Double P and Mazerock as DJs to ensure that every dancer can enjoy the top game experience and provide viewers with an excellent audio-visual feast. At present, the ticket-grabbing channel has been opened. Street dance enthusiasts can not only closely feel the positive and cool pop culture, but also enjoy the wonderful referee show while experiencing the street dance feast.

According to the event organizing committee, since the Breaking officially entered the Youth Olympic Games in 2018, street dance has received much attention. The 2019 WDSF Hip Hop International and the 2019 CDSF Street Dance World Cup will seize this opportunity to promote the development of China's street dance industry while accelerating the progress of dance sport in the country. The holding of this event will promote the orderly development of street dance, expand its influence at home and abroad, carry forward the positive Olympic spirit, and encourage more people to participate in this sport. Meanwhile, the organizing committee will also create a pop sports event customized for street dancers with a professional and rigorous attitude and top-level competition standards.

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