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A new step for the development of education in Lishui District

In recent years, Lishui district has vigorously promoted its education to enable an optimal education layout and high-quality education facilities. Elite schools and excellent teachers have been introduced. Lishui district is making new steps to push forward education development.

Twenty-two new kindergartens, middle and primary schools opened in Lishui district has effectively alleviated the problem of insufficient spaces and resources for Lishui education. All the new facilities can further promote the development of high-quality education. This autumn will witness the opening of Xinlong Road Primary School, Lishui Development  Zone Primary   School, Zhuang Yuan Fang Kindergarten and Vanke Kindergarten in Lishui district.

To improve the effectiveness of moral education, all schools may make a long-term plan for student’s moral education. We are carrying out a series of thematic activities inside or outside schools to form a new pattern of moral education. The new pattern is geared to all staff, the whole education process and the goal of all-round education. Moreover, we are also developing more sunlight-sports activities and school-based art curriculum such as calligraphy and paper-cut to enrich the cultural connotation of aesthetic education.

The efficient class can be established from three aspects: to transfer the educating pattern from "teacher-centered class" to "student-centered class", from "traditional class" to "wisdom class", and to reduce the overloaded homework but to promote efficiency.

The education department thinks highly of the teacher team. Over the last three years, we have recruited 425 new teachers and 57 outstanding talents from other districts.

We are actively exploring new modes and methods to train general teachers who can become excellent teachers in the future. We are also promoting the quantity and quality of excellent teachers by means of strategies such as training courses, external-introduction and self-taught. In recent years, we have achieved remarkable results in training teachers. We have trained many excellent teachers, including 4 special-grade teachers, 41 academic leaders and 47 excellent young teachers, 3 famous municipal teaching studios and 15 famous district-level teaching studios.

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