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Building Provincial Famous Demonstration High School in Lishui

On October 7, Jiangsu Lishui Senior High School held a meeting of middle-level cadre group, attended by district leaders Xue Fengguan, Jing Disheng, and Tang Huiwei.

Tang Huiwei, MemberoftheStanding District Committee and Organization Minister, announced the decision on the position adjustment of Yang Sizhou and Tang Yizheng.


Xue Fengguan, Secretary of the district committee, pointed out that Lishui Senior High School is the leading model for Lishui education development. In recent years, all the faculty and workers in Lishui Senior High School have earnestly implemented the decision from theDistrict Committee and have followed the guideline “Opening Minds, Finding Gap, Closing Gap” all the time. They have made remarkable achievements in professional training, moral education and system construction, which contributed to the high-quality development of education in Lishui district. It is hoped that the new leader team of Lishui Senior High School will firmly focus on the goal of building a provincial first-class high school. All leaders should take the responsibility of improving the quality of college entrance examination and the construction of team development. It will be a good situation that more and more honor students could be born in Lishui Senior High School, so that locals can truly realize that "famous schools are in their hometown and they do not need to study far away from hometown." The outstanding achievements can get parents’ praise.


Xue Fengguan noted that Lishui Senior High School should learn from the experience of advanced region, deepen cooperation with famous schools such as Hai'an Senior High School. Lishui Senior High School should find the gap, further enhance reform awareness, promote the spirit of innovation, break the normal rules and finally explore new ways. It is believed that Lishui Senior High School can make greater contributions for the education development of "Lishui Phenomenon" in the New Era.

Yang Sizhou, Deputy Director of the Standing District Committee and President of Lishui Senior High School, claimed that in his future work, he would integrate himself into a new position as soon as possible. He would not forget his original intention and always remember his mission. Furthermore, he would inherit and promote the excellent tradition of Lishui Senior High School to make great contribution.

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