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Providing Strong Support for High-Quality Development of the Manufacturing industry in Lishui District

On November 4, Xue Fengguan, Secretary of Lishui District Committee, led the main leaders of the branch of Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Ecological Environment Bureau, Planning and Resources Bureau to investigate the development of some industrial enterprises above designatedsize in our district. District leaders Xia Yun, Chen Xia, Shi Mingshengtookpartin the investigation.


At about 9 a.m., Xue Fengguan and theotherleaders came to the Nanjing base of Guangdong Strong Group Co., check the operation of the enterprise's newly renovated boiler room. Xue Fengguan was very satisfied that the enterprise has replaced all the original oil burning equipment with electrical equipment, which has greatly improved the safety performance, energy conservation, environmental protection, and sewage treatment. In the process of production and operation, enterprises should not only focus on development but also on protection. They should always put environmental protection first.

Xue Fengguan visited the Nanjing base of China Lesso Group Holdings Limitedand its product display area. He inquired about the function and service life of each product in detail, and had in-depth exchanges with the person in charge to grasp the situation of product research and development, technological innovation, market sales, etc. Xue Fengguan acknowledged the advanced pipeline products of the enterprise, and hoped that the district urban construction department and the trade and tourism group would strengthen their cooperation so that good pipeline products can be applied to infrastructure construction and improvement in the district.

Then, Xue Fengguan and the leaders came to Nanjing Yunhai Special Metal Co., Ltd. and Nanjing C-HOPE Cement Engineering Group.They further visited the production workshop to check production process of products and told the responsible person of the enterprise that they should aim at high quality development, continue to make new breakthroughs in technology research and innovation and to continuously enhance enterprise competitiveness on the market.

During visiting Nanjing Zhongxing Railway Equipment Co., Ltd., Xue Fengguan listened carefully to the report on planning and construction of smart industrial park. He encouraged the enterprise to speed up the project construction and strive for the early completion of the project. He also required the enterprise to do a good job in existing plan retrofit, to raise the greening and infrastructure construction standard, to enhance the overall image of the enterprise, and to create a modern and high-class industrial park.

Xue Fengguan always had a detailed understanding of the enterprise’s production and operation and listened carefully to the enterprise’s demands. He urged relevant departments to solve the difficulties and problems raised by the enterprise as soon as possible. At the same time, enterprises are required to strengthen the risk management and control, adhere to the bottom line of ecological environmental protection and safe production. Xue Fengguan hopes that all relevant departments should remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. We should take the initiative to do a good job of on-site service, strengthen communication with enterprises, increase support and service to them, accurately grasp their needs, and effectively solve practical problems. Furthermore, we should ensure the implementation of various policies to help enterprises expand production, accelerate transformation and upgrading, and we are required to provide more powerful support for high-quality development of the manufacturing industry in Lishui district.

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