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Another great news!

November 16, At the annual meeting of the China Ecological Civilization Forum held in Shiyan, Hubei.

Lishui District was awarded by the Ministry of Ecology and EnvironmentNationalEcological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone.

This is after the “National Ecological Zone”Another “National” green honor won by Lishui,It is also the only district in Nanjing that has won this honor.



The National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone,a veritable reputation, contains rich heritageand connotation。

Lishui is named after the water, and it is excited by the water.

Comprehensive strength ranked 52nd in the national top 100.

The green development level ranks 18th among the top 100 national regions.

The level of building a well-off society in an all-round way reached 97.4%, ranking fourth in the province.

For the third consecutive year, in the city of Nanjing, the benchmarking of the search for high-quality development goalsin the evaluation of the "first class".

It was awarded the “National Health Practice Demonstration Zone” and the only “Healthy Jiangsu Practice Demonstration Zone”.

In 2018, the public's satisfaction with ecological construction ranked first in the province, creating the first batch of provincial-level ecological civilization construction demonstration zones, and all eight towns and streets created provincial-level ecological civilization construction demonstrationtown streets.




Drawing a color ecological background withecological priority

“Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluableassets.” Ecology is the natural color of the city of Lishui. It is the true color of the development of Lishui. In order to practice the ecological priority concept, Lishui starts from the planning and system,and focuses on the original source and background basis.


In terms of development strategy, since 2015, mechanisms such as target assessment, environmental law enforcement,resource price, incentives, and accountability have been established to reflectthe requirements of ecological civilization. The implementation of ecological compensation in Lishui District was first introduced in Nanjing.

In the planning and guidance, the highstarting point is to prepare special plans for the town general rules,beautiful villages, river water systems, etc which achieve full coverage. The“multi-regulation” provincial pilot information application system was put intooperation, and “three major spaces and five control lines” were delineated. Therestrictive elements such as “basic farmland, ecological red line, protectedforest land and protected waters” fell to the “one picture”. Promulgated andimplemented the planning of ecological civilization construction in LishuiDistrict (2014-2020) and the revision of ecological civilization constructionplan (2018-2020), taking one-quarter of the land area of the whole district asthe development and construction area, and taking three-quarters of the area asIn the ecological conservation area, nearly one-third of the land area (300.55square kilometers) is designated as the ecological red line area. Since 2016,it has ranked in the forefront of the province in provincial supervision andevaluation for many years.


In the promotion of the organization, the establishment of the National Ecological Civilization Construction Demonstration Zone Creation Work Leading Group, the formulation and implementation of the performance appraisal of the district-level organs, the assessmentmethod of the township thousand-point system, the improvement of the ruralhuman settlements environment, and the investigation of the responsibility forair pollution prevention and control. Linking the construction of ecologicalcivilization with the reward and punishment assessment, and layering theresponsibility for ecological protection work.

The launch of “combination boxing” has laida solid foundation for the construction of ecological civilization in Lishui,drawing a picture of the future of an ecologically livable city.


Innovation, take the road of high quality development and green rise

Lishui integrates green into the whole process of development, and makes green become the new color of the rise of high-quality development of “vibrant new city”.

A few years ago, as a hilly area, if you ask what they have? "Good mountains, beautiful water and great fruits"may be the best answer. Today's Lishui not only has beautiful landscapes and avariety of specialty agricultural products with the highlights of “Five berries”,but also the well-known new energy vehicles, the airport economy and the health of the three billion-dollar industrial bases.


Jinlong, BYD... On the assembly line,workers are installing and commissioning. An electric bus is off the assemblyline and delivered to merchants from all corners of the country. In 2018, thetotal output value of the new energy automobile industry in Lishui Districtreached nearly 30 billion yuan, accounting for 56% of the city. In 2020, the100 billion-level industrial park in Lishui District will become an influentialnew energy automobile industry base in the country. 


In August of this year, Nanjing Airport Bonded Logistics Center (Type B) was formally approved and established as the only bonded logistics center (Type B) in Nanjing. In addition to the AirportBonded Logistics Center (Type B), Lishui also has a number of heavyweightplatforms. The largest professional agricultural exhibition center in thecountry - Baima Agricultural Characteristic Exhibition Center, the world's largest indoor ski track - the national ice and snow limit sports white horse training base, the domestic top rehabilitation hospital - Jiangsu Provincial Rehabilitation Hospital and the largest single area in China A number of flagship projects such as the Extreme Sports Hall have settled in Lishui.

In addition, Lishui has also introduced anumber of top companies such as the world's top ten brands, Brembo, the world'stop industry champions Conmet, the US listed company AO Smith, the world's top500 German Siemens, etc., and Lishui has become a new black horse in the Yangtze River Delta manufacturing industry.

At the same time, Lishui took the lead inlaunching a comprehensive evaluation of corporate performance in Nanjing, fully implementing 113 “disorganized pollution” enterprise rectification work, andusing economic, administrative and other comprehensive ways to help low-qualityenterprises to transform and upgrade, eliminate and with draw, and acceleratethe establishment and improvement. The eco-economic system with industrialecology and eco-industrialization as the main construction, at present, the healthy Jiangsu demonstration area, the famous exhibition city, the famous cityof education, the famous city of the city and the famous music cityrepresenting the new Lishui are just as popular as the construction of thecity. Lishui is heading for the country at the speed of "bend the roadbeyond" and heading for the world.


In just a few years, the transformation from urban park to park city has been realized

“5 minutes to community green space, 10minutes to community park, 15 minutes to city park” fitness service circle;built 119 public bicycle service points, new taxis accounted for 100% of pure electric vehicles; public green in 2018. The proportion of traffic travel isnearly 70%, and the green construction rate of new civil buildings in 2018 is100%. "This is a pattern that the new city is painting. This is a performance of a modern city in a new era."

In order to speed up the pace of urbanparks, Lishui has done a good job in "green" and implemented projects such as pollution prevention, toilet revolution, garbage sorting, and smart travel to create a healthy and happy seven-color board.



As night falls, the children's play area on the west side of Xingzhuang Park is full of excitement. It combines day and night entertainment. The night mode of happiness amusement park has become particularly dreamy and cool, like a fairy tale.

Romantic ferries wheel, carousels, pirate ships, self-controlled planes, high-altitude flying and many other thrillingrides attract a large number of citizens every day. “Children really like to comehere to play, the amusement equipment is very complete, it is indeed a goodplace for relax.” Ms. Wang, who lives near the house, smiled and said.

On one side is a playground, and on theother side is a wetland park. In the morning and evening, many citizens walk in the Xingzhuang Wetland Park, immersed in an original landscape, and experiencethe blending of nature and the city from the continuation of the landscape.


It is because of it and its emboldened spirit that in October this year, Lishui basically realized and swears to create three types of water in the whole region. Some parks such as Qinhuaiyuan have become the instagramable park. "There is an impulse to settle in Lishui." said by many guests


Beautiful ecological environment, complete supporting facilities, complete fitness functions, and public service concept,built in the middle of the city, a 24-hour free open park to build a fire. Theruling concept of "returning the green to the people, returning the view tothe people and returning the space to the people" has not only created astrong atmosphere of "literation, movement, and joy", It has also won the "thumb-up" of the masses from the heart.

The environment is the people's livelihood,the green hill is beautiful, the blue sky is happiness, this is the true portrayal of Lishui. Work with added energy, work hard to spare no effort, no regrets for green development, take on as one way out. This is the true background of Lishui.

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