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The Powerful Allure of Sports


Ultimately, the best part about sports has nothing to do with championships, awards, win-loss records, or outstanding statistical performances. Those things are all ego-based. The best part about sports is the strong relationships that are formed – often for life

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Everyone can relate to the excitement, stress and worry of moving into a new apartment or house, especially on the inaugural move into independence. Lease is signed, first month’s rent and security deposit have been paid, the keys are in your hand and moving day is here. Luckily, Dad is there to provide his brand of guidance on apartment living and general household upkeep and repair.

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After showing us how Chicken McNuggets and McRib patties are made, McDonald’s is back with yet another video in what we like to refer to as the company’s truth-telling campaign. The latest video called is far less frozen and complicated than the previous two menu items and is aptly titled “What Are McDonald’s Fries Made Of?” Once again, host Grant Imahara of “Mythbusters” fame leads the way, asking the plant manager the one question McDonald’s customers have asked themselves: “Are the fries even made out of potatoes?” More…

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