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John Oliver  brought a host of famous music stars together to demand that politicians stop using their songs in political campaigns. Usher , Sheryl Crow , Josh Groban  and Cyndi Lauper were among the singers and musicians to appear in the “Don’t Use Our Song” clip on the “ Last Week Tonight ” show that aired Sunday.  More…

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Don’t Hold Back Your Tears for Yemen


The UNDP recently held its Resilience Development Forum (RDF) , looking at how the international community can support the many millions of Syrians displaced by civil war. It has taken over four years of conflict but delegates at the RDF at least now recognized that only a political solution can bring an end to the fighting and give hope to the displaced that they might return home and build a future in Syria. Whether the need for a political solution will be recognized by the peace talks scheduled to restart soon in Vienna is, of course, another matter entirely

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