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Donald Trump’s Reagan Moment


Sometime before Inauguration Day, President-elect Trump will be briefed on the American plan for nuclear war, inclusive of the role he plays in ordering nuclear weapons release (i.e., the “nuclear codes”.)  John F. Kennedy was the first American president briefed on this plan, back in 1961.  Afterwards, a shaken Kennedy told his Secretary of State, Dean Rusk, “And we call ourselves the human race.” President Nixon was similarly appalled. “No matter what we do,” he told his National Security Council, “they the Soviets lose their cities…what a decision.” Ninety million Soviets would die in an American nuclear strike, Nixon was told.  And ninety million Americans would die in a Soviet retaliation

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As the world continues to grapple with the tragic events that unfolded in Paris on Friday night, stories from survivors have offered a sober reminder of the terrible violence that comes with acts of terrorism. Isobel Bowdery, who was attending a concert at the Bataclan, where 89 people were killed , shared this powerful post about her terrifying experience. As of this writing, it has gotten nearly 1 million likes and over 370,000 shares

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